About WWMA

The Wisconsin Weights and Measures Association’s objectives are to:
  • Assist members in the administration and enforcement of weights and measures laws and standards under both state law and local ordinances in a conscientious and honest manner.
  • Promote uniform weights and measures laws, rules and regulations.
  • Collect and disseminate data, statistics and other information useful to persons engaged in regulating weights and measures.
  • Assist in the education of the public of the need for adequate standards as a basic need for proper consumer protection.
  • Mutually assist one another when need arises in the performance of duty.
2018 – 2019 WWMA Officers
  • President:               Keith Garbe, Field Supervisor, DATCP
  • President Elect:      Tony Hoffmann,W&M Inspector, DATCP
  • Vice President:       Angela Lochner, W&M Inspector, DATCP
  • Past President        Vacant
  • Secretary:               Erin O’Brien, W&M Inspector, DATCP
  • Treasurer:              Greg Loreck, W&M Inspector, DATCP
  • Trustee-South:       Glenn Wood, W&M Inspector, City of Madison
  • Trustee-North:        Joe Malek, W&M Inspector, DATCP
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