May 29, 2019

Lily Castonguay named DATCP Employee of the Year 2019

Lily manages a large case load in our Weights and Measures Compliance unit.  She ensures that cases are fully developed and needed information is gathered before we go ahead with a successful compliance action.  Lily schedules compliance conferences with regulated businesses and staff.  Following stipulated settlements, Lily coordinates case filing with local DA’s and thoroughly tracks cases from inception to completion.

She schedules our Weights and Measures training sessions for internal and external customers (inspectors, city sealers, LPO’s, service company technicians).  Coordinates with trainers on printing training materials.  Writes and updates webpage fact sheets for both the Weights and Measures and Petroleum/Hazardous Materials programs.  During the Guidance review process, Lily reviewed a large number of Bureau fact sheets effectively within a short time period.  Others used her reviews as a standard for their own reviews.

Lily is a strong member of the Weights and Measures team and volunteers to take on additional duties when there are vacancies in the Bureau.  Congratulations Lily!

Shelly Miller, Lily Castonguay, Brad Pfaff, Alicia Clark and Lara Sutherlin



January 11, 2019

Inspector Jim Zorn has retired after 18 years with the State of Wisconsin. He worked for both the Department of Commerce and Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection as a Petroleum and Weights & Measures Inspector. Previously Jim worked for petroleum service companies including installing new systems in several states and has operated service stations as well.

He worked for many years on protecting the environment from contamination, has maintained good working relationships with a variety of facility operators and works well in all conditions, especially in difficult situations.

Jim has been a great co-worker and has provided valuable petroleum inspection training for many inspectors over the years. Jim is well-respected by business owners and service companies.  He will be missed.  Congratulations Jim!

October 22, 2018

Inspector George Kaelin has retired during his 40th year of State service.  George has been a mentor to several inspectors throughout his career and he has be a valuable DATCP inspector and member of WWMA.  We will miss George’s expertise and his lighthearted sense of humor.  Congratulations George, we wish the very best in retirement!

August 1, 2018

WWMA conference registration is open.  Please see the cover letter and agenda for details.  Cover letter  Agenda


April 25, 2018

Our friend and co-worker State Weights and Measures Petroleum Inspector Chuck Cox passed away on April 20th.  Chuck was a knowledgeable, kind and gentle man who was a pleasure to be around.  We will miss him greatly, he was truly an asset to our team.  Visitation services will be held Saturday, April 28 at Calvary Tabernacle Church, 1907 McKinley Ave, Beloit; 10 am with the funeral at noon.

April 16, 2018

Doug Dummer has been promoted to Field Supervisor for the Northwest region succeeding Dean Schermacher in his retirement.  Doug has worked in the fuel industry for almost 20 years.  Before becoming a Petroleum Inspector, Doug was a manager at Midwest Fuels in La Crosse.  He became a Petroleum Inspector in 2011 and successfully learned Weights and Measures when the inspection units merged.  Outside of his required inspection duties, Doug has served on many development committees within the Bureau. Doug’s knowledge, experience, and leadership abilities will be a great asset to the Northwest team and to the entire State.  Congratulations Doug!


February 27, 2018

Hopper Scale test unit training. There are eight DATCP Weights and Measures Inspectors assigned to hopper scale inspection in Wisconsin (two in each region).  The inspectors work in teams of two to conduct the hopper scale inspections.  Pictured above: Field Supervisor Dean Schermacher, Inspectors Jason Karczwski, Rich McCann, Jon Petzold, and Robbie Dailey.

Also Dean Schermacher is retiring on March 6, 2018. Dean has 30 years of civil service.


January 19, 2018
By Rachelle Miller

After 39 ½ years of state service, Weights and Measures Petroleum Specialist Mike Pappas is retiring. His last day in the field will be Friday, January 12, 2018.

Mike Pappas began his civil service career as a grain inspector with the Department, then accepted a position with DATCP Trade and Consumer Protection Bureau Consumer Product Safety unit performing product injury investigations and mobile air inspections.  In 2003 he accepted a Weights and Measures Inspector position in the Division of Trade and Consumer Protection. In 2013 following the Petroleum System Inspection consolidation he took on additional petroleum storage tank and fuel quality inspection duties.  Throughout his career, Mike dedicated himself to providing equity in the marketplace for both businesses and consumers, and to protecting Wisconsin’s consumers and the environment. He has been a mentor to new Weights and Measures Petroleum System Specialists and has had a significant impact on numerous field inspectors training in the Bureau of Weights and Measures. We will miss Mike’s experience, investigative skill, exemplary customer service, and dedication to our mission.

Congratulations and best wishes to you on your retirement Mike!


January 10, 2018

Our fellow Inspector and friend, Teresa Michals, passed away on January 5, 2018.  Her obituary can be found here: Milwaukee Journal Sentinal.  On behalf of WWMA, our sincere condolences go out to her family, friends, and co-workers.

(1/31/18) A thank you letter was received from Rides & Reins for donations from WWMA members on Teresa’s behalf.  See here  

November 7, 2017

Cindy Lease attended the CWMA Interim Conference in October.  Her report to WWMA follows.

As your representative I went to the fall 2017 Central Weights and Measures (CWMA) Interim Conference with Shelly Miller, Weights and Measures Section Chief, in October. My main objective was to support proposed legislation to be added to Handbook 130 concerning method of sale for pet chews and treats.  I provided the conference with testimony including a short PowerPoint presentation on the need for additional clarification in the handbook.  My testimony was based on what I was seeing during package inspections at the retail level.  There was minimal discussion on the proposal from other participants.  The proposal written by Lisa Warfield from NIST was moved forward to the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) with a recommended status of voting item and will be presented at the NCWM Interim Meeting January 21-24, 2018.  The National Laws and Regulations Committee will receive comments during open hearings and will recommend a status (voting, developing, information or withdrawn) for the item based on comments heard.

Since I spent most of my time in the Laws and Regulations Committee work session I wanted to also mention some other proposals being worked on that could affect weights and measures regulators in Wisconsin. All of this information is posted in its entirety on the CWMA website. For your understanding a voting item is determined to be fully developed and will move to the NCWM interim meeting agenda.  If the NCWM L&R committee keeps the item as voting after the NCWM Interim meeting, it is voted on at the central conference annual meeting to determine if it has merit to move to the national conference committee for consideration.  An informational or developing item needs further development or clarification either by the committee or by the developer and will be held over for that additional work. A withdrawn item will not be passed to the national committee by the regional committee hearing the proposal.  A proposal can be downgraded in status during this process, but can’t be elevated in status before the NCWM annual meeting in July.

A table was proposed to be added to the handbook that would identify method of sale requirements for items regulated by the FDA and FTC. The Table – 2.6.17. A (FDA) and B (FTC), was moved to Developmental as there was some concern over possible method of sale discrepancies between these federal agencies and Handbook 130 that may need to be cleaned up.

A section was proposed to be added to Handbook 130 for Electric Watthour regulation. This section would keep regulators informed of work being done by the U.S. National work group on Electric Vehicle Fueling and Sub-metering and allow them to be informed about any proposals from other regulatory groups that would effect this technology as it develops. This proposal was also moved to Developmental.

Another proposal would require retail containers of oil and lubricants to have a viscosity grade on the label or in the case of bulk sales the viscosity grade would be printed on the customer receipt. The proposal also includes a requirement that obsolete oil would be marked on the container label with a warning to the user about potential engine failure due to the lack of additives (detergents) in this oil which are needed in todays’ car engines. This proposal was moved to Developmental also.

Certain EPA regulated products use the word “minimum” before the net weight and this proposal would grant an exemption in our handbook since this is not allowed by Handbook 130 at the present time. It would bring the handbook in line with the EPA regulation and would only be for products that have an EPA registration number.  This would also impact Handbook 133 testing of these products since they are on a minimum system no underweight packages are allowed in the sample lot.

Density meter technology is also emerging and makes the testing of oils, lubricants and other viscous products more accurate and easier for regulators. The use of digital density meters was discussed and a proposal to develop testing procedures for Handbook 133 was moved to Developmental.

Another proposed change to handbook 133 was to update the USDA lower limit tables to include Siluriformes (catfish as an example). This is a Voting item since it is already part of the USDA regulation and we are updating to remain current with them.

This is only a portion of proposals discussed at the CWMA interim conference. If you have any other questions on the conference process or want to read and make comments on any of the proposals that the NCWM or CWMA central conference will be receiving comment on or voting on in 2018, you can go to their websites: NCWM website- or CWMA website-


October 4, 2017

Rachelle “Shelly” Miller has been awarded the WWMA Distinguished Service Award. Congratulations Shelly!

Shelly Miller and WWMA President Steve Hailer

Shelly has made significant contributions and demonstrated significant commitment to the profession of weights and measures on a local, state, and national level. She has contributed both time and energy to the promotion and expansion of the Wisconsin Weights and Measures Association. Some of the details of Shelly’s dedication and involvement are listed below.

Was a DATCP W&M inspector for 11 years (began 4/19/1993)
Was a DATCP W&M field supervisor for 10 years (began 6/27/2004)
Is the DATCP W&M Field Operations Section Chief (since 4/6/2014)

Served 6 years on WWMA Executive Committee
-1999 Southern Trustee
-2000 President Elect
-2001 President
-2002 Immediate Past President
-2003 Southern Trustee
-2004 Southern Trustee

Served on several WWMA committees including but not limited to:
-Specifications and Tolerances committee; 1995-2010
-WWMA Newsletter Editor; 2003-2004
-Laws and Regulations Committee; 2004-2010
-Education and Legal Committee; 2006-2009
-Currently serves as an advisor

Is a member of Central Weight & Measures Association (10 years)
-Is the WI representative (since 2014)
-Serves on the Professional Development committee
-Will be CWMA Chair in 2020

Is a member of National Conference of W&M  (24 years)
-Is WI representative (since 2014)
-Serves on the Specifications & Tolerance committee (since 2015)

Is a nationally renowned expert and trainer in package testing and labeling and is a certified NIST trainer
Has trained countless inspectors; not only in WI but throughout the nation
Has made significant contributions to weights and measures law, policies, and procedures.


November 11, 2016

On January 6th 2017, after 30 years of state service, Weights and Measures Petroleum Specialist Mark Nickel is retiring.

Mark began his career with the Department of Corrections in 1986 and accepted a Weights and Measures Inspector position in the Division of Trade and Consumer Protection in 1990. Throughout his career, Mark has dedicated himself to providing equity in the marketplace for both businesses and consumers and to protecting the environment of Wisconsin.

We will miss Mark’s years of experience and great ability to regulate, investigate, and educate. He has been a Mentor to new Weights and Measures Petroleum System Specialists and has had a significant impact on nearly every field inspector in the Bureau of Weights and Measures. His effort and dedication will be long remembered.

Congratulations on your retirement Mark, and farewell!


June 29, 2016

Former colleague, Jim Hoffman passed away. Please click this link for an obituary and funeral details.

May 19, 2016

David Sander receives the State of Wisconsin Trade & Consumer Protection Employee of the Year Award. As a Weights and Measures Petroleum Inspector, David has a wide range of responsibilities which can be physically and mentally challenging. The job puts you in an array of settings from agriculture business to fine jewelry business, all while working with a wide range of people. David conducts himself in a professional manner and establishes a quality working rapport with the people he works with. He succeeds at his position and beyond. He has contributed to several significant enforcement actions and has worked tirelessly on developing specifications for new vehicle scale test units. David is the type of person who won’t say no when someone calls upon him for help. He is always willing to help fellow inspectors with questions or training. Trade and Consumer Protection is fortunate to have an employee with this high level of integrity, competency, and drive to make the team succeed.
Congratulations on a much deserved award David!!

Frank Frassetto, David Sander, Judy Cardin, Ben Brancel

Frank Frassetto, David Sander, Judy Cardin, Ben Brancel


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