Protecting Consumers during COVID-19 Pandemic

March 25, 2020

During this state of emergency, and the scarcity of necessary items such as groceries, cleaning supplies, and paper products, we warn citizens to be on the lookout for illegal practices from retailers trying to take advantage of the pandemic. Wisconsin has statues in place to protect against "unreasonably excessive pricing" from retailers.

Wisconsin Statute § 100.305, Wisconsin's price gouging statute, was created by 2005 Wisconsin Act 450. In addition to prohibiting charging “unreasonably excessive prices," commonly referred to as price gouging, the statute also directed DATCP to write administrative rules to establish formulas or standards used in determining “whether a wholesale or retail price is unreasonably excessive." Those standards can be found in Wis. Amin. Code ch. ATCP 106.

In order for the price gouging law to be enforced, Wis. Stat. § 100.305(2) requires that the Governor issue an executive order certifying that “the state or a part of the state is in a period of abnormal economic disruption." This means a period of time in which the state, or a part of the state, is experiencing a disruption (or a threat of disruption) to normal business transactions due to an emergency.

When Governor Evers issued Executive Order #72 on March 12, 2020 declaring a state health emergency, price gouging rules went into effect. There have already been reports around the country and in the state of illegal pricing from retailers. If you feel a retailer is charging "unreasonably excessive" pricing on necessities, report them to the DATCP Consumer Protection hotline at (800)422-7128, email, or file an online complaint.

Follow the link below to DATCP's website for more information. News COVID19

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Current Events

Lily Castonguay named DATCP Employee of the Year 2019

May 29, 2019

Shelly Miller, Lily Castonguay, Brad Pfaff, Alicia Clark and Lara Sutherlin

Lily manages a large case load in our Weights and Measures Compliance unit. She ensures that cases are fully developed and needed information is gathered before we go ahead with a successful compliance action. Lily schedules compliance conferences with regulated businesses and staff. Following stipulated settlements, Lily coordinates case filing with local DA’s and thoroughly tracks cases from inception to completion.

She schedules our Weights and Measures training sessions for internal and external customers (inspectors, city sealers, LPO’s, service company technicians). Coordinates with trainers on printing training materials. Writes and updates webpage fact sheets for both the Weights and Measures and Petroleum/Hazardous Materials programs. During the Guidance review process, Lily reviewed a large number of Bureau fact sheets effectively within a short time period. Others used her reviews as a standard for their own reviews.

Lily is a strong member of the Weights and Measures team and volunteers to take on additional duties when there are vacancies in the Bureau. Congratulations Lily!

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Other Recent News

Inspector Jim Zorn Retires

Inspector Jim Zorn has retired after 18 years with the State of Wisconsin. He worked for both the Department of Commerce and Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection as a Petroleum and Weights & Measures Inspector. Previously Jim worked for petroleum service companies including installing new systems in several states and has operated service stations as well.


Inspector George Kaelin retires

Inspector George Kaelin has retired during his 40th year of State service. George has been a mentor to several inspectors throughout his career and he has be a valuable DATCP inspector and member of WWMA. We will miss George’s expertise and his lighthearted sense of humor. Congratulations George, we wish the very best in retirement!